We work on complete back office outsourcing support model which is also known as RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) wherein we make a team of Recruitment Officer & Compliance Officer headed by Service Delivery Manager. Size of the team depends upon the requirement of Agency.

  • Agency provides their requirement of Medical Staff based on that we decide the requirement of Team to handle the process.
  • Recruitment Team starts their work of finding candidates from various modes & from various parts of the world Preference is to get the IELTS/OET cleared & Exempt candidates. However those who are not done with their IELTS, our team provide them guidance & follow up for IELTS exams.
  • Once adequate number of candidates is sourced, Compliance team starts the procedure to make the candidate fly to UK. Compliance part includes but does not limit to services mentioned above. One compliance officer can manage a database of 30-40 candidates at a time. On & average the procedure takes at least 6-8 months for one candidate to fly to UK.
  • In between if there is any issue, it is the expertise the Service Delivery Manager to make sure the process is on track and any deviations are satisfactorily sorted out.