It depends on the Marketing package that you choose and the staff that we allocate for process.

Our marketing package depends on demand and Supply by the client and staff ratio that they agree upon. As it includes our database sourcing from social media/ Job boards/vacancy leads/Supplier connection.

We need 1 month of start time after signing the NDA to make proper arrangements for Staff grooming and procedure alignments

SDM is someone who works as a key player for all compliance & Recruitment related
aspects. And provide assistance and lead the team in goal Oriented directions.

Ideally it will take 4-5 months if they are IELTS Clear.

We suggest it according to client needs but ideally it should be 2 recruitment consultant and 1 compliance officer. While one Recruiter should recruit for one client and compliance officer takes up to 40 applicants at a time from IELTS till NMC PIN.

We do deal with Agencies in UK for their Nursing Needs in NHS and Private hospital but when it comes execution, we provide different work environment to respective client. Reference of our existing clients will be given upon request.