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Why Sealink Global Solutions ?

Security Measures

We took the utmost care of Client data. The confidentiality of data is as important and close to our heart as it is for a client.

To control the confidentiality we have following measures in our office:

  • Advanced firewall systems to prevent data theft
  • 24×7 CCTV surveillance
  • All PCs are protected by total security antivirus and Use of USB & Optical Drive is prohibited.
  • Mobile Phones, Bags & Personal Belongings are not allowed in work area.
  • Strictly paperless & printerless office to prevent printouts of client data.

In addition to above measures we sign confidentiality agreement also with our clients.


TEAM The Growth & Development of Sealink Global Solution is the result of Hard work & Dedication of its Team.
The Team Sealink Global has following 4 people as senior accountants who are managing 10 junior accountants.

Vishakha Verma

Vishakha Verma

Accounting & Taxation

Jigar Shah

Jigar Shah

SMSF Accountant

Jinal Shah

Jinal Shah

SMSF Audit

Goral Pithadia

Goral Pithadia

Bookkeeping & Payroll